What do you do when your 2nd monitor detected but not displaying? This is a common issue that many people face, and in this blog post we will answer the question with some helpful tips.

We’ll go over all of these potential causes as well as how to fix them!

Benefits of using two monitors

Allows you to multitask more effectively by dividing the screen into 2 sections with 2 different programs side-by-side. This is helpful for things like customer service or graphic design, where it’s necessary to look at one document while working in another program simultaneously.

Tips for getting the most out of your 2nd screen

Make sure your 2nd screen is in the correct resolution and refresh rates (ie. 60Hz).

Adjust settings to maximize space on 2nd monitor for its size, by using a 25% setting width/height or 50%.

Turn off all unnecessary items on 2nd screen like notifications. If you’re doing something that requires scrolling up work on one side of the display while turning it upside down for easier reading on the other side then turn off scroll lock so they don’t overlap when flipping pages back and forth.

Tips for using two monitors simultaneously:

  • Turn off your laptop’s display before connecting your 2
  • Use the same resolution as your other devices if they’re set to different resolutions Connect both connections via HDMI cable
  • Plug an external keyboard into one of the USB ports on the front of your PC
  • Use 2nd monitor as secondary display

Main Troubleshoot Your 2ND monitor

  • 2nd monitor plug from computer to 2nd display is unplugged
  • 2nd monitor driver might be outdated or corrupted, try reinstalling the drivers for your 2nd display.
  • There are no video cables plugged in on either end of the cable that connects both monitors together. Make sure it’s a VGA/DVI and not an HDMI connection if you’re using two DVI displays with one another (or vice versa). If this doesn’t work, make sure to contact your graphics card manufacturer as it could just be a faulty port. Check out our troubleshooting guide here!

2nd monitor not displaying? We’ve covered a lot of different ways for you to troubleshoot your 2ND monitor, and hopefully these tips have helped! If you’re still struggling with this issue please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help out.

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