Many people are wondering if they can use their tv as a computer monitor. They’re asking questions like, “Can I plug my tv into my computer to use it as a monitor?” or “Is there an adapter needed for this?” The answer is yes! In this article we will discuss the benefits of using your tv as a computer monitor, what you need in order to do so, and some tips on how to get the best performance out of your tv-turned-monitor.

What is a computer monitor?

A computer monitor is a tv that has been specially calibrated to display information such as text and graphics for computers. Computer monitors are also called “monitors” or “screen(s)”. They can be used with laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones etc. Monitors vary in size from very small sizes designed for mobile devices up to huge tv screens for use in public spaces like airports or trade show displays.

How can I connect my TV to my laptop or desktop

You can connect your tv to your computer with a simple HDMI cable. If you are using an older tv without the ability for an HDMI port, there is also VGA and DVI adapters available at any electronics store or online at sites like Amazon. Once connected, all information will display on the tv screen as it would normally do if it was plugged into the laptop/desktop directly.

What size TV should I look for in order to be able to use it as my monitor?

The easiest way to know what size tv you need is by measuring two things: The distance from eye level of where you plan to sit while working (this could be a desk chair) up until just below the top edge of either the tv or computer screen and the distance from your tv to where you plan on sitting in relation to eye level.

What is a TV’s native resolution?

A tv’s native resolution refers to how many pixels are contained across each inch of an image display—the bigger this number, the higher quality picture will be at that size. For example, if a tv has a 720p (720×1280) resolution, it means there are 1280 horizontal lines and 720 vertical lines for every inch . If the tv has 1080p (1920×1080), then there would be 1920 horizontal lines and 1080 vertical points per inch. Note: Some TVs have been designed with lower resolutions but they must be connected via HDMI cable with either VGA.

What are the pros and cons of using an TV as an external monitor for laptops and desktops

There are many benefits of using your tv as a monitor. Some pros to this include no need for an additional tv, the ability to adjust tv’s brightness or contrast on-the-fly without having to use computer settings (and now even add multiple screens), and taking up less space on your desktop with one screen that is both tv and computer monitor. However, there may be some cons depending upon how you will be working while also connected – such as if you plan to watch movies/tv shows at the same time since it would take away from half the viewing area.

Tips for getting best performance out of tv turned into external monitor:

  • Make sure that all cables are securely plugged in so it does not interfere with picture quality .
  • You can change tv’s resolution to adjust view with your computer. This may be different than tv-only viewing, so check the specifications for best results.
  • Connecting a tv as an external monitor is not always possible depending on tv size and space available. If you are considering this option make sure that there will be enough room to sit comfortably while also viewing the tv screen (if using desk chair). Try sitting at your desired working height then measure from eye level up until just below top edge of either tv or computer screen then multiply by two. Measurement in inches should give you maximum distance from where you plan to work until tv would no longer fit without being blocked by something else like furniture etc.. If measurement more than tv’s screen size then tv would not be able to fit.
  • Best option is to purchase a tv specifically for this purpose. Or you can also buy an tv stand from Amazon that will allow the tv unit to swivel and pivot so it has more range of motion when positioning in different areas (such as sitting on desk or mounted up high).
  • When using tv turned into external monitor, make sure that there are no cables moving under your computer while typing or it may interfere with performance by either blocking what they’re working on or interfering with their ability to type accurately.

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