Despite the launch of Play Station 5 in the November of 2020, the fourth generation of console remain popular amongst players. However, there is a problem. You need to connect your console to modern TV to get access to video games. Some people do not want to buy expensive TV to play on their console. This article will help you to connect your ps4 to a monitor.

Options for connecting a ps4 to a monitor

You can use several ways to connect your console to monitor from your PC. The main difference between these is the connectors that you are going to use. I will even mention the way to connect your console to monitor remotely.

HDMI port

HDMI port remains the most trustworthy way to connect your gaming console to monitor. Besides, this method ensures the best experience during online battles. You need to buy a special HDMI connector and attach it to your console. Remember that your port must be receiving data because the connector that outputs data will not be able to connect your console to the monitor. Just connect one side of the HDMI to your console and the other to monitor.

VGA connector

Use this method if you have a VGA monitor. Buy a special VGA-HDMI connector. After that, attach VGA to your monitor and HDMI in the console. Now you can play games on PS4 using a computer monitor. 

It is essential to point out that you need to pay extra money for a better adapter. The cheap version will send the low-quality image to your monitor, making it hard to enjoy a game. It is better to buy a more effective device rather than torturing yourself with poor image quality.

DVI channel

In order to attach your DVI monitor to If your computer screen allows DVI output, then, as in the previous case, you will need to buy a special adapter HDMI-DVI.

There are variety of types of DVI channel. Among them are:

  • DVI-A;
  • DVI-I;
  • DVI-D.

Therefore, before buying an adapter, you should first specify the port used on the screen.

Peculiarities of connecting ps4 console to monitor by means of adapters

Adapter to convert the video stream is a small-sized device, which consists of:

  • HDMI input channel;
  • connector for connecting computer speakers or headphones, the size of the input is 3.5 millimeters;
  • USB port for additional power supply;
  • The corresponding VGA or BVI output.

Without the use of a video stream converter, it will be impossible to connect the ps4. The video signal transmits a cable connection between the screen and the console. To get the sound you will need to buy additional headphones or speakers with a three and a half millimeter plug.

If there is no picture in those cases where the consoles are connected using these converters, it is necessary to make a change in the extension used. This is because the device is not able to playback the image in 1080p and 1080i, which issues by the game consoles ps4 and ps4 slim.

To change the resolution settings, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the game console.
  2. Press the power and eject buttons simultaneously.
  3. Hold down the buttons until the console beeps twice.
  4. A settings menu will pop up on the screen, select the item – change the resolution, selecting 720p in the future.

Remote connection of the console to the PC monitor

This option requires access to the Internet and using a special program. It allows you to use the game console on the screens of personal computers, as well as mobile devices.

Initially, the user needs to install the Remote Play program and register to the PS Network. In the settings of the mobile device, set the largest available extension.

Next, you will need to make the required settings directly on the game console. These include:

  1. Give permission for remote playback.
  2. Select the game console as the primary system. You can do this in the account settings section.
  3. Make the idle mode settings, saving the value there – Internet. Give permission to start the station via the network.
  4. You will only have to download the program on your computer, and it will automatically find the station attached to your account, asking you to enter an access code. To get it, you will need to go to the playback settings and select the “Add device” function.

Subsequently, the user is required to connect the joystick via a USB port. It is possible to use a mouse and keyboard in the management.

Connecting ps4 to a laptop

Interest in the possibility of connecting the game console to this device accompanied the presence of the screen. Especially since, it is equipped with an HDMI channel. However, the problem is that the channel distributes the image to other devices. It is not capable of receiving the image on its own.

To be able to play video from the game console, you will need to use a special adapter to connect your laptop. If it is connected to the USB port. In this case, do not count on a high quality picture.

Another option is a remote connection, similar to the previously discussed variant.

Adjusting the picture

To adjust the image on the screen with the game console connected, you need to pay attention to the capabilities of the console and the monitor used.

The ps4 game console can produce 1080p resolution, the Pro model – 4K. The capabilities of the device depend on the type of channel used for data transfer. The VGA port is able to output a screen resolution of 640×480, DVI – 1920×1080, HDMI – 2560×1600.

Suggestions when choosing a monitor for ps4 game console

If you need to buy a monitor directly for use for a gaming console, there are various factors to consider:

  1. The ps4 and ps4 slim gaming consoles are not capable of producing an image in 4K quality. Accordingly, you should not buy a monitor with this function. You will just spend huge amount of money.
  2. To achieve a smooth picture, you will need to buy a monitor with a refresh rate of sixty or one hundred and twenty Hertz.

It is possible to connect the game console ps4 to the monitor. In this case, there are various options for implementing this idea. Still the main means for the issuance of the image from the console are the latest generation of TVs.

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