In this article, we will tell you whether you can connect your Play Station 5 to the monitor and give you some ways to connect the PS 5 and the display. There will be no special difficulties during the connection – just follow the instructions carefully and do not forget to have all the necessary equipment before you begin the process: adapters, cable and so on.

The advantage of connecting the PS5 directly to your PC or laptop monitor is that you do not need to use your TV or buy a separate display. You can continue to watch TV programs while you play, and after the session is over you can use your PC to work, download files, listen to music, and so on. Of course, when you just bought the console, thoughts about the possible difficulties of connection didn’t even visit you – but now the factory packaging is opened, the joystick is connected, perhaps even a subscription is purchased; and therefore, it’s time to learn how to connect PS5 to the laptop screen or PC monitor, and start playing.

3 ways to connect your Play Station 5 to your monitor

Great news for video game fans: there is nothing complicated about this connection. The manufacturer has tried to unify the process as much as possible so that to mess with the confusing settings or guess at what connector fits a particular plug will not have. It is very simple: to connect PS 5 to the monitor applies a universal HDMI interface transmits both picture and audio. However, if there is no such connector on the display or it is faulty, the task is somewhat complicated. You will have to use an adapter if you do not connect directly through HDMI.

You will definitely find an HDMI port on the PS5 set-top box you are going to connect to your monitor. Since the connector outputs information to an external device, OUT (the photo below shows where this port is located). We will keep in mind when listing the following manipulations with the console this port.

Method #1: Connecting via HDMI cable

As we mentioned above, this method is the easiest. You will not have to puzzle over how to connect your PS5 to your monitor via HDMI – just follow the algorithm below:

  1. Turn off both the PS5 and the monitor using the power button. You can even disconnect the power plug from the power outlet for greater safety, but you do not need to do this to remove the voltage from the input and output ports.
  2. If the cable plugs have factory tape or plugs on them, remove them.
  3. Insert the first plug of the cord into the port of the appropriate configuration located on the Play Station 5 chassis. Connect the second plug to the monitor. The connection should be made carefully so as not to damage the contacts, but so that the plugs fit all the way into the sockets.
  4. After turning on both devices, it will take a few moments to synchronize the connected equipment. As a result, you should see on the monitor the welcome screen PS If nothing happens, using the physical buttons placed on the body of the display; specify the correct source of the received signal yourself.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about connecting via the universal interface. Unfortunately, many older monitors simply do not allow you to connect the PS5 to the monitor using the method described above due to the lack of an appropriate port. Therefore, you will have to try other options listed in the following sections of our manual.

A great advantage of connecting the PS5 to your monitor with an HDMI cable is the ability to send a high quality picture to the screen. You will not have any problems with selecting the resolution, adjusting the contrast, color and other parameters. In addition, in most cases, after connecting via wired method no additional manipulation is required at all: your Play Station 5 will be instantly recognized and selected as the main video source.

Method #2: Connect via VGA-HDMI cable

Therefore, your Sony set-top box has a modern universal connector, but your monitor does not. In this case, to get the opportunity to play or watch movies on this particular display, you will need to get a wire, which guarantee to connect to the output device, and an adapter, with which you can connect the PS 5.

Let me find out if you can connect your PS5 to a VGA monitor. Connecting the PS5 to an old monitor equipped with this analog connector is relatively easy. You might be lucky enough to find and purchase a cable that combines both plugs in use; then you can get by without an adapter. In other cases, you will need to buy a cord that is long enough and an adapter.

Let me assume that the most difficult stage is over and you have bought everything you need to connect the PS5 to the monitor. It is time to proceed to the action:

  1. As with the direct connection, first turn off both devices to be connected. You can remove the plugs from the sockets, but this action is not particularly necessary.
  2. Use an adapter, if necessary, to connect the cable to the monitor. Insert the second plug into the connector of a suitable geometry on the body of the set-top box.
  3. Since the VGA standard broadcasts only video signals, you will have to think about ways to output the sound. For this purpose, you can use, for example, headphones or speakers connected to the corresponding socket on the PS 5 chassis.
  4. Turn both devices on. After a short initialization, the signal from the PS should show up on the monitor. This is another answer on how to connect your PS5 to your computer monitor. PS5 does not see the display. Check if you connected properly: are the plugs fully inserted, did not you forget to fix the VGA contact with screws, and check out if cable or adapter damaged.

A significant disadvantage of the method described in this section – it is impossible to transmit a picture in digital quality. In the course of broadcasting digital-to-analog, conversion happens constantly, so that you can forget about the high clarity of the image. In addition, you will need to choose how to transmit not only video, but also sound: VGA interface exclusively transmits graphical information.

Method #3: Connecting via DVI-HDMI Adapter

This interface, which allows you to output a digital-quality picture, is much less common than those listed above are. Usually it is a relatively old model, equipped with a conventional VGA-port. To use the interface and connect the PS 5 console to the display, you will definitely need to buy an adapter, which you can fix with screws.

There is nothing else complicated about the process. Once you purchased the adapter and the cable is prepared, proceed with the instructions on how to connect the PS5 to a monitor without HDMI:

  1. Connect one of the cord plugs to the adapter.
  2. Turn off, using the power buttons, the devices to be connected: the display and the console.
  3. Connect the adapter to the appropriate connector on the monitor body.
  4. Insert the free end of the cable into the HDMI port on the console.

After turning on the PS5 and the display, after a few moments the picture from the Play Station 5 should appear on the display. If this does not happen, check if both the cable and the adapter are properly connected.

A big advantage of the method we describe in this section is the ability to broadcast images in much better quality than when using the analog VGA input. From the disadvantages, we can note a lower spread of DVI ports on monitors and consequently adapters for them.

Which adapters are better to buy

In all cases where you cannot connect your Play Station 5 directly to the monitor, you will need to use adapters. Here are some tips on choosing the “right” adapter:

  1. To avoid difficulties in following the instructions on how to connect the PS5 to the computer monitor, buy equipment with additional power: from the mains, a portable battery or USB ports. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the adapter with no voltage will refuse to work with PS5 and the monitor.
  2. It is preferable to choose adapters that already have built-in sockets for the output of audio transmitted via HDMI cable. Most likely, it will be everyone’s favorite 3.5-millimeter jack; other options are also possible, up to the USB connection. If there is no jack, no problem: you will be able to broadcast audio directly from the console.
  3. Since the DVI standard has several variations (D, A, I), before you buy an adapter, make sure that the equipment you choose is suitable for your specific monitor.

Final Tips

In this article, we told you how to make a direct connection between a PS 5 and a monitor and gave you some tips on how to use and choose adapters. Note that any conversion to a greater or lesser extent, but affects the quality of the transmitted image – to avoid distortion, loss of bitrate or color, it is highly recommended to connect the console directly.

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