Override (TraceFree) technology works by accelerating the matrix by increasing voltage pulses. This accelerates sub-pixel crystals and makes the picture more responsive. A high response gives a blurring effect in dynamic scenes (looping). These features play a significant role in modern video games. A quick response time gives you an advantage over other players in online battles.

This article tells you how to calculate your response time and change the overdrive settings.

How to calculate response time?

Higher responsive time provides a better experience. However, how to calculate response time? It is relatively easy. Let us assume that you have a monitor with a refresh rate of 60Hz. This means that the image on your screen updates 60 times per second. After that, you need to divide 1000 milliseconds (1 second) by 60. You get 16.67ms. This is the response time of your monitor. That means that your monitors require 16.67ms to change the color of one pixel to another. The 144Hz screen changes the color of the pixel every 6.94ms. Making it the perfect choice for gaming.

How to utilize the override function?

You need to get access to the monitor’s overdrive settings. Open the OSD (On-Screen Display) menu and look for the overdrive option. You can find it under one of the following names:

  • TraceFree
  • Rampage Response
  • Overdrive
  • OD
  • Response time

It is essential to remember that every detail can change depending on the model and manufacturer. Some screens have more override levels than others do. Generally, there are four overdrive levels:

  • Slow (Low)
  • Normal (Medium)
  • Fast (High)
  • Faster (Highest)

It is hard to notice any ghosting/trailing behind fast-moving objects even if you turned off the overdrive. Putting overdrive on the highest setting will cause inverse ghosting or pixel overshoot. 

We do not recommend using this regime if you are an average user. However, experienced players in faced-paced games can get an additional advantage with this. The medium setting works best for most users.


Fast response time smoothens your monitor and gives an advantage in fast-paced video games. You can easily calculate the response time of your monitor by following the formula from the article. You need to open the on-screen display menu and find the overdrive option. After that, you can pick out four different variants. Only people playing in faced-paced shooters can get the full advantage of the fastest overdrive options. Medium settings will suit the vast majority of users. 

Thank you for reading this piece. We hope that we managed to help you to understand how overdrive works and how to change its settings. See you in the next one!

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